The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year! – Activities To Do With Your Preschooler This December


There is nothing like the holiday season, or even just the month of December, to spend time with your preschooler and show them all of the beauty and merriment that comes with it. There are so many different activities that you and your little one can do to deck the halls and celebrate this time of the year. That is why we are looking into various activities and fun projects that you can create with your little preschooler to help them get into the holiday spirit. So, let’s take a look at all the fun that is in store!

December activities for preschoolers

1. Cotton Ball Snowman:
Let your child tap into their creative side by making their very own cotton ball snowman that they can put on the fridge! All you need are items that are most likely already in your home — Cotton balls, glue, colored paper, markers, and any other beads or small craft items that they can decorate their snowman with. They will love being able to have fun making their own unique snowman, and it will keep them busy for a good chunk of time.

2. Tape Snowflakes:
This project will take a little bit of help from mom or dad, but they will have loads of fun! All you need is some painters tape, finger paints, and paper. Mom or dad will place the painters tape strips on the paper in the shape of a snowflake, and then you can let your preschooler take over from their. Let them paint how they wish on the paper, and when they’re ready, take the tape off to reveal their beautiful snowflake painting.

3. Make Your Own Snow Globes:
This is one activity that you and your preschooler will cherish forever, but it does take quite a bit of help from mom and dad. You’ll need a mason jar, water (or glycerin if you want) glitter, and any plastic figurine you want to use. Open the jar lid and glue your plastic figurine(s) onto the bottom of the lid, however you want them placed in your snow globe. Fill the jar with water (or glycerin if you decide to use that) and about 1 or 2 teaspoons of glitter. Finally, screw the lid of your jar back on. You can also glue your lid shut if you don’t want your child to accidently open it later. Turn it upside down, and you have your very own, one of a kind snow globe to cherish for years to come!

There are, of course, so many different activities that you and your preschooler can do to celebrate the holiday season this year. You can pick projects and activities that you believe your toddler will best be able to accomplish, and trust us when we say that your child will never forget making these art projects and memories with you.